how to make your transition to veganism easy.

Whether you are looking to change your health, form new eating habits or finally make the transition to veganism- there is one simple way to make these changes permanent and easy. You must look for healthier, or in my case vegan, replacements for all of your favorite foods. If you are just looking to lose [...]

how to solve your problems.

I have problems, you have problems- the human experience is having an endless train of problems and working to find solutions for said problems. While facing difficulties is inevitable, what I am seeing more and more in the people around me is a complacency with their problems. Instead of tackling problems or at least being [...]

why i went vegan.

Back in May I made the decision to go vegan. There are many reasons why but the biggest reason is my dog, Sunie. I love her beyond words. She has the best personality and is the sweetest animal on the planet. The thought of losing her one day is devastating to even think about. The [...]

my uplifting playlist.

Recently, I’ve completely transformed my taste in music, or at least the songs I listen to regularly. Whenever I would listen to my usual “Top 40” playlist, I felt unfulfilled and really wanted a new vibe from my music. I pulled together some fresh, uplifting song choices and I have been loving them! I think [...]