the thought model.

One of the most life changing concepts for mind management I’ve discovered comes from Brooke Castillo, owner of the Life Coach School. She teaches the concept of the thought model in her programs and podcasts.

The model is a template for the way we experience the world:

Utilizing the model to understand our current thoughts and intentionally choosing new ones that serve us is the key to regaining mental control. Now that you have awareness of why you are getting the results you are, you can plug in a new thoughts into your current model to create the changes you want to see in your result line.

The model also eliminates the human tendency to shift blame and divert responsibility. By examining your own models, you see that the results of your life are entirely in your control and driven by your chosen thoughts. When you invest the time into your brain by using the thought model is when your life will begin to shift. Results are always a direct reflection of your thoughts, so choose them intentionally.

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