what to do after you have fallen off the diet band wagon.

I was inspired to write this post, because I have fallen off the imaginary band wagon of health and fitness. Over the past weekend I visited home and didn’t journal, didn’t make a food plan, I overate and didn’t do my scheduled workouts. I also ate roughly 25,000 homemade cookies but that’s besides the point.

It can be so frustrating to make these mistakes and revert back to old habits when you have been killing it with your healthy lifestyle. Even if you are someone who has been off the band wagon for years, if you struggle with weight you are probably familiar with the on or off cycle of weight loss, and will likely hop back on at some point.

I decided a long time ago that if I was going to maintain my weight loss for the rest of my life, a mental beat down and drama were not required after an over eat or off plan, hot mess weekend.

These are the ways I recover and get back on track after making mistakes- and because of them I was able to keep going after the inevitable mess up and lose all my weight.

the mindset shift.

Like I said previously, mental drama is not required to get back on track. If you blew your diet, didn’t show up for what you said you would do or feel like you’ve taken 10 steps backward- beating yourself up will only waste more time and create more distance between you and what you most want in this world.

To eliminate drama, watch where your thoughts go after a mistake. Draw a clear line in the sand with what thoughts are helpful and harmful. You are the gate keeper of your weight loss mentality, and your thoughts will be the determining factor between quitting and figuring it out.

Be one of the people who chooses to figure it out. Those are the people that get their goals and change their lives.

The biggest mental switch to make around falling off the band wagon, is understanding that you are not restarting when you make a mistake. You are a human with a brain that evolves forward. After a mistake, you don’t suddenly forget everything you’ve learned so far. The only difference is implementation. You still know all the things, you just need to get back to implementing and taking action on your knowledge.

Mistakes are an incredible opportunity to learn, and the times when you give up or give in are like a lens coming into focus on the work you are being called to do on yourself. Don’t feel frustrated or discouraged, feel enlightened to this new challenge and embrace where you are at with an open mind.

When you fall off the band wagon, stop allowing your brain to go into panic and despair. You can and will figure out what you need to do in order to get to your goal.

The good, the bad, the ugly- it is all part of the deal when you are losing weight for the last time. Be ready and embrace it all.

You are not starting over, you are evolving into the next best version of yourself with more clarity and self awareness. This setback can be a gift if you want it to be.

figure out why you fell off the wagon in the first place.

There is no shame in falling off the wagon or making mistakes, but don’t use them as a shame cone to wear around like a wounded animal, use them as data. I use journaling and reading to learn from my mistakes and evolve into the person I want to be.

I want to be the kind of person who can trust herself to execute any plan and show up for the things I say I will do.

I am not a victim to my mistakes, they are my teacher.

Really invest the 10-15 minutes to write about what you were thinking that got you to fall off the wagon. Not the circumstances, just focus on your thoughts that got you to quit. Just like you study for school, you must study your behavior to learn anything from it.

make the next best decision.

Like I said, the knowing and the education isn’t the problem. You know what to do and what not to do to lose weight- the problem is your implementation.

To start getting back on track figure out what you are willing to do right now to lose weight. Write down a realistic plan for yourself and be 80% (or more) confident you can follow through on it. This plan should not reflect where you were at right before you fell off the wagon, this plan should reflect where you are now.

For example, when I have a weekend like I just did with a few overeats and over consumption of sugar and processed foods, my first instinct is to create a super strict and clean meal plan for myself and to cut sugar and processed foods completely. But deep down I know that I won’t want to stick to it.

Instead of setting myself up to fail, I have created an enjoyable meal plan that I can feel good about, and that I know I will execute. I even took a mile off my run this morning to entice me to get to the gym. I am more interested in showing up for myself and executing a plan than I am about being where I was five days ago.

I know I will get back to that place if I practice showing up for the things I say I will do.

rewriting your story about mistakes.

The real key to getting back on the metaphorical band wagon of health and fitness is understanding that there really is no on or off. The days of your life are going to pass whether you are making progress or not. Your life doesn’t pause when you are off plan or gaining weight, and the longer you put off the work you are being called to do on yourself, the fewer days you will have to live at your best.

Each day is an opportunity to do a little better than yesterday. To show up a little stronger and with more intention. Get back on track because you deserve to live the rest of your days with peace knowing you are doing the things that matter to you. Don’t let another moment slip away or be tarnished with self hatred or frustration.

You are in control and you are always one decision away from changing your life.

There is a fine line between honoring your past and losing yourself in it. For example, you can acknowledge and learn from the mistakes you made, and then move on and refocus on the now. It is called forgiving yourself.

Eckhart Tolle

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