how to start feeling better.

establish and get excited about your goals.

When you are already not peaking it seems ridiculous to start setting goals and really envisioning your highest self. Even finding things that are worth doing can be a challenge, but let me tell you- giving yourself some direction and intention will generate the power you need to start directing your life down a more positive path.

We all have things, no matter how tiny or seemingly insignificant, that matter to us. Start with your passions and dreams and write down small changes that you want to commit to each and everyday, to include more of what matters into your life.

For some, you may know that what you really need to feel better is to prioritize meditation. Create and commit to a goal that will get you to make time for meditation and show up for it. This could be starting with two minutes a day for the next week.

It’s not the intensity of the goal, it is the intention of the action.

If you are still confused about what matters to you, write about your future self- in your perfect world what would your life look like in 5, 10 or 15 years? Career, family, health, and especially your daily routine are all important things to consider when you are designing your dream life.

Read this vision back and examine the key components or habits that came up for you. Establish your ‘feel better’ goals based on this future version of you and what will get you closer to that reality. I promise you, that life is available to you and today you can start creating it- and feeling better.

stop wishing and start doing.

Remaining stuck or in a constant state of inaction is the quickest way to feeling terrible about you and your life. If you have all these dreams and goals that you never show up for or work towards, your confidence plummets and your self worth becomes next to nothing.

The good news is, once you know where you are going and what you are working towards, all you have to do figure out what the next step is. The really good news is that the steps toward your goal are always self paced and never need to be larger than you are ready for.

Your goals matter to you and showing up for them matters even more. You are worth taking action on. You are worth being shown up for and taken care of. You are worth the work required to feel better and start living a more authentic life.

Stop wishing your life would be different and start showing up for a different life. You know what you need and how to get yourself there better than anyone else. Be willing to bet on yourself and your goals.

Your energy should be targeted at the things that matter to you and will move the needle in your life. Feeling better about your life means investing in your dreams and showing up for yourself.

Taking action on your goals will leave you feeling incredible. You will no longer be a slave to your fear. You are showing yourself that you are worth the work and worth the sacrifice. You are worth the effort and discomfort of action.

trust yourself.

Feeling better is not always about setting impossible goals and climbing your tallest mountains- to truly feel better you must look inside yourself. Can you trust yourself? To show up for yourself, for others, to take care of things, to follow through on plans, or to do things that matter to you?

For most of us, negativity and underlying feelings of dissatisfaction are generated from a lack of trust with ourselves. We have aspirations and things we want to do in the world, but we can’t trust ourselves to take the leap and continue to work at the things that matter to us.

We let ourselves down and it is defeating. We keep compiling more and more evidence that we don’t have the willpower or enough discipline to complete that task or crush that goal.

But no more.

One of the most transformative changes in my life has been my decision to no longer break promises with myself. I am going to be the one thing in my life that I am willing to bet on every single day. Since I’ve made that promise, I have never felt more empowered or in control of my life, and I want that so badly for you too.

stop people pleasing.

This is a big one for me, and I know a lot of people struggle with it too. People pleasing is such a toxic and fruitless habit. Oftentimes we people-please in an attempt to get others to like us or to control their thoughts about us, so we alter aspects of who we are to suit what we think they will approve of.

I have found that this type of behavior creates an insane amount of anxiety and dissatisfaction in my life. I always feel miserable after people pleasing because I am not being genuine, and it is exhausting trying to control other people’s opinions. Mostly because it is impossible, but you know we all still do it anyway.

If you are people pleasing- just stop.

You are enough, and the world deserves to know the real you. Stop being a watered down version of yourself to be more tolerable to the masses. Be your full self so that you can be loved wildly by your people.

You will feel so much more love just by showing up as your true self. No more stressing about other people’s opinions and beating yourself up for every last thing you said. You will finally experience the peace that comes with being 100% authentically you.

You will love yourself more and you will know that the love that comes from others is really for you. When you show up as your full self, you will know that people in your life love you for who you really are and not the facade you used to hide behind.

Without living a true and authentic life, you will miss connecting with your people and enjoying your opportunities. There is so much in the world made specifically for all of who you are.

detox your space.

Examine all the areas of your life that may have become cluttered with unnessesary garbage and clean it out! This can be your house, your car, your relationships, your daily routine or your social media. Stop allowing things that don’t add value to your life occupy space in it.

Look at where sneaky little quits have happened or aspects of your life that have gotten sloppy and fallen out of alignment with your values or passions.

Cleaning and organizing is simple enough, but how are you detoxing your mental head space?

We are bombarded with so much garbage on our social media feeds and often can get in the habit of spending time on energy-sucking people. The constant negative messaging can really clutter your brain if you don’t take the time to manage it.

Go through who you are following and connecting with and anything that doesn’t align with where you are going- unfollow, delete and goodbye.

Go through your daily routine and anything that drains your energy or wastes your precious time on this earth- erase, re-prioritize and execute.

Don’t create space for negativity. People who have crazy ups and downs with social media or relationships are probably letting just anything into their space. Be intentional about the energy and influences you allow in your life.

A while back, I unfollowed a bunch of negative pages and suddenly going online was much more inviting experience. I used to look at social media and feel my energy sinking and the overall frequency of my day taking a huge down turn. But now, I feel inspired and motivated as I browse Instagram.

I now follow motivational pages that inspire me and ever since, I am always connecting with like-minded people on my socials and gaining so much insight and knowledge online. You get to curate your online experience- make sure it is beneficial to your life, not a burden.

I also recommend creating a queue of podcasts, songs or audio books for yourself to consume. Be intentional with your time and the voices you listen to. No matter what you are struggling with or want to learn more about, there is someone out there who’s life mission is to help people like you.

There is a book, article, podcast or blog on literally every topic and your teacher or mentor is out there. Finding the authors and online teachers that resonated with me and my goals has completely changed my life and given me so much direction and clarity.

Remember, your vibe attracts your tribe- if you are welcoming in and radiating positive energy, I promise it will find you.

take action right now.

If you want to start feeling better right now, take action on your larger purpose. You may feel completely hopeless and confused right now, but you have a purpose bigger than your current circumstances. Connecting with that purpose will realign you with your value and generate a peace that only comes from doing the work you are meant to do in the world.

For me, I know my purpose in life is to be a light for others and to positively impact the lives of people I connect with. My greater purpose and mission is always to be a positive and reassuring force in people’s lives while being an example of what is possible.

It is so easy to get caught up in self doubt and worry, but the best thing you can do is act on your larger purpose anyways.

Whenever I am feeling terrible or insignificant, I check in with the beautiful people I coach, I invest time in personal development and share what I learn with those close to me- even something as simple as sharing a motivational quote to Instagram or sending someone a compliment realigns me to my larger purpose and almost instantaneously, I feel better.

Showing up for your larger purpose and for others is the best way to feel better about you. You have so much value and so much to offer- stop hiding from your potential and share it with the world.

You are so much more than any struggle you are facing, and only you hold the key to unlocking your happiness. To start feeling better, look to your goals and dreams and create a purpose for your life that will keep you living in alignment with your most authentic self.

Do these things, and I know you will start feeling better.

Feeling bad is an indicator that you need to change.

Amy Morin

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