45 journaling prompts for anything and everything.

As we know, I am all about journaling! Writing to process emotions and feelings has been transformative in my journey to taking back control of my life. I have suffered from anxiety for years and daily journaling and reflection has really helped to settle anxious thoughts and consequently end emotional over eating.

Here are a few of my favorite journaling prompts I use to evaluate my emotional state and get myself on track for success.

prompts for journaling through a food urge.

What do I really need in this moment, and how can I give it to myself?

What am I feeling and why am I resisting it?

Why are my goals worth allowing an urge and not reacting to it?

How can I give myself relief without food?

What are my current weight loss goals and why?

What do I believe I would experience if I didn’t give into the food urge?

prompts for journaling through anxiety.

What does the sensation of anxiety feel like in my body?

If I were to name my anxiety, what would it be called? Have a conversation with it that puts you back in control.

What thoughts are making me anxious?

Journal about yourself allowing anxiety and welcoming it with acceptance.

What is going right today, what did I do well?

How can I care for myself while I am experiencing anxiety?

prompts for journaling when something is off.

What happened today?

How do I feel about myself and my relationships?

How am I feeling about the direction of my life and my choices?

What is really bothering me?

I really wish I could say ________to ________ because…

How can I show up for myself right now?

What is something I can do in the next 10 minutes to make something easier for myself.

prompts for journaling when you are unmotivated.

What can I get done in the next 20 minutes that will get me closer to my goals?

Visualize yourself doing the thing you dread, and visualize the reward at the end.

What are my thoughts about _ (what ever you aren’t doing)?

What is something I could do to start building up momentum for myself to get the task done?

Is it possible to break up the task into smaller segments?

Create a schedule or to-do list.

How can I make ____________ more enjoyable for myself?

Why am I doing the things I am doing? What is my why?

prompts for journaling when your feelings are hurt.

What am I thinking about _ situation? Are those thoughts serving me?

What else could I chose to think to feel better?

What would I like to say to ____________ about ?

How can I take responsibility for my own role in the situation and how can I show up better next time?

What thoughts can I believe to create a more positive emotion?

What thoughts am I choosing to believe about the other person? Are they really true?

prompts for journaling for fun.

What am I most passionate about?

Describe your ideal future self. Where do they live, weight, lifestyle, career, habits, daily routine.

What are you thankful for?

Break down a goal. What is it and what do you need to learn or develop to get there.

What are your greatest motivators?

Where can I level up?

What areas of my life am I ready to grow?

What is a moment that happened recently I don’t want to forget?

Who is someone in your life you can learn from?

How can I be of service to other people today?

What is my happy place?

Write about the things you want to manifest in your life.

You are who you believe you are.  Other people are, for you, who you believe they are: they can be nothing more than that.  If you realized that the mind is one, that everyone and everything is your own projection (including you), you would understand that it’s only yourself you’re ever dealing with.  You would end up loving yourself, loving every thought you think.  When you love every thought, you love everything thoughts create, you love the whole world you have created.

Byron Katie

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