10 simple grocery hacks to help you lose weight.

I truly believe that the last thing any of us need is another restrictive meal plan or diet to follow. They don’t work long term, and to put it lightly- they suck. What I do belive in though, is small repeatable changes to what you are doing right now.

When I was losing weight, it was a series of leveling up my food choices and figuring out ways to just be a little better than yesterday. When I figured my weight issues out for the last time is when I dropped the fixed mind set of who I thought I was and started making small moves toward the woman I dreamed of being.

I wanted to be someone who ate healthy and could enjoy exception foods without going overboard and making myself sick and bloated. I wanted to be someone who shopped the perimeter of the grocery store. I wanted to be someone who could lose weight for the last time and keep it off- someone who never had to search for other meal plan or diet again.

Below are a few of the grocery hacks I used to lose my weight and start working towards the person I wanted to be. These are swaps I made over time and they have allowed me to slowly create the lifestyle I dreamed of.

Are you a soda junkie?

Me too. I love pop and always have! While I think it is fine to enjoy once in a while, the sugary drink becomes a problem when it is part of your daily diet. Excess sugar and empty calories were no longer something that was serving me so I wanted to cut it out, but I missed the refreshing bubbles in a cold soda.

Luckily, my roommates turned me on to Bubly carbonated water. I have never liked other sparkling waters at all. I thought they tasted like straight up TV static. But I have found the Bubly drinks are the exception! Try switching out your daily soda for any sparkling water you enjoy!

It is a great way to satisfy your craving without sacrificing your goals. My favorite flavors are apple, strawberry, and raspberry.

Do you love a salty snack?

I have always been a sweet person, but sometimes I was crave something savory- and usually when that urge would hit I’d sit down with a bag of chips and go to town. If you like to keep a salty snack on hand, try swapping chips for a bag of low calorie popcorn.

I really like the Skinny Pop brand, but they are all essentially the same. It is a great alternative to greasy chips and I love that I can eat way more without sacrificing my weight loss results.

Sweet tooth sabotage?

I’ll be the first to say it- ice cream is one of the best things on earth and I would gladly eat a carton a day if I could. Before my weight loss journey, I would have ice cream often, at least a few times a week and it was one of the last things I found a substitute for in my diet.

While not nearly as indulgent or delicious as a bowl of ice cream, I have found that freezing dark chocolate was a good substitute for an evening hot fudge sundae. It has the same chocolaty kick and cool creamy texture- and a fraction of the calories.

Other simple swaps.

Swap your dairy milk for almond milk.

Swap your daily Starbucks for an iced coffee at home.

Swap regular pasta for vegetable based pasta.

Swap your large drink or meal for the next size down.

Swap a milkshake for a protein smoothie (chocolate flavored of course).

Swap a Reese’s peanut butter cup for an UNREAL almond butter cup (vegan).

Swap a packet of sour Skittles for a punnet of raspberries.

As always, these are just the swaps that worked for me and made sense for the lifestyle I wanted to create for myself. Start exactly where you are and figure out 1 item on your grocery list to level up to start aligning yourself with someone who eats healthy and takes care of themselves.

The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but significance, and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning.

Oprah Winfrey

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