what is normal?

I know that when I was on my weight loss journey, I struggled constantly with the idea of not being a normal college student.

I wasn’t able to drink every weekend and eat fast food without gaining weight like all the other girls seemed to be able to. I couldn’t mindlessly snack or eat junk food without consequences, like my friends seemed to be able to get away with. I was terrified that by taking care of my health and not doing what was “normal” I would be separate from others and be an outcast.

But the real truth is that being able to overeat, consume processed foods, binge drink, stay inactive and still maintain an ideal body weight is not normal. Majority of people in this country are overweight or obese, so no, by doing what is “normal” it is not normal to maintain a healthy weight. There are some genetically blessed people who can eat it all and still have abs, but I had to drop the story that something was wrong with me because I wasn’t one of them.

From my own experience, I know one of the biggest hurdles to get over in weight loss is what you think you will have to give up. I was convinced that I had to give up being normal. But I never questioned if what I thought was “normal” really aligned with what I wanted my life to look like.

It is very normal to have low self esteem and talk down to yourself.

It is very normal not to focus on personal development and have poor mental health.

It is very normal to gossip and live in judgement of other people.

It is very normal to eat food that was made in a factory and that comes in a package.

It is very normal to regularly overeat and be overweight.

It is very normal to be inactive.

It is very normal to spend hours on social media or watching TV.

It is very normal not to read a single book all year.

It is very normal to have to take medications for preventable health conditions.

It is very normal to want to be normal.

Turns out, I didn’t want all the things that were normal. I want so much more for my life than what is normal, and I want it for every single person in the world. We all can do better than our current norm.

We all deserve inner peace, self confidence, a life enriched by personal development and mindfulness, to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, to move our bodies in positive and joyful ways, to spend more time on the things that will move the needle in our lives and less on distractions and comparison.

If you are trying to lose weight or make a lifestyle change for the better, but you struggle with the fear of losing the connection we all get from being part of the crowd, I understand that internal conflict deeply. But let me assure you there is so much more on the other side of fear.

There is a version of you living a healthy and fulfilled life, without unnecessary drama or conflict and its all available to you when you release the expectation of being normal and start living into your own version of a happy life.

When I stopped being normal is the exact moment I started getting the most out of my life. It was the moment I started losing weight for the last time, I started journaling and figuring out my anxiety, I read more books and listened to podcasts, I started exercising daily and focused on eating real food.

When I gave up being normal, I also gave up so much garbage I had convinced myself I had to carry around. I gave up investing in negative people, unhealthy foods, toxic self talk, and my own mediocrity. Without the confines of normalcy holding me back, I finally gave myself the space to live a life in alignment with what I actually want.

If you are like I was and afraid to change your life because you are terrified of what you will be giving up, I encourage you to question yourself: what is normal and is that really what I want? Look at the people you think are normal: are they a reflection of who you want to be at the highest level?

Odds are you are not normal. You have a vision for your life that goes beyond the sight lines of the average person. Please don’t fall into the trap I did and dull your own vision for yourself to try remain like everyone else. You are so much more than normal, and I can promise you the life on the other side of your fears is so abundant and fulfilling: don’t miss out on it.

Because, really, what even is normal?

Be so in love with yourself that anything that doesn’t serve you at the highest level isn’t invited into your brain, your body or your life.

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