a day on my vegan plate.

I have always known the power of plant based foods and all the ways they heal our bodies and allow humans to live at their best. During quarantine I have been educating myself on the realities of the dairy and meat industries and my passion for plant based cooking and eating was pushed to the next level. I have been researching the vegan lifestyle and am always hunting down new, plant-based recipes.

Since switching to this style of eating, my digestion has never been better and my energy is through the roof. I feel amazing and that has made this change even easier to follow through on. I wanted to share my approach to plant-based eating on a typical day to show you how inexpensive and simple this lifestyle is!

I am really focusing on showing myself love through the foods I put in my body and nothing makes me feel more cared for than eating tons of fruits and vegetables and keeping ultra hydrated. I just take things a day at a time and make the best decisions I can in the moment.


Cold Brew with Almond Vanilla Creamer

Granola with Bananas + Almond Milk


Watermelon or other fruit


1 Avocado on 2 slices of Ezekiel bread

Frozen Mango and Banana “icecream” (made in a Yonana)


Vegan protein shake (not required but I like to have some chocolate in the afternoon)

Watermelon (or other in season fruit)

Veggies and hummus


Cilantro lime rice

Black Beans seasoned with salt, pepper and ground cumin

Avocado with lime and salt and pepper


Dairy Free Ice Cream

We all know by now that I do not believe in meal plans, so take this day on my plate as inspiration- not a diet guide. This is how I am eating now because it feels great in my body, but you need to eat in a way that works for you! I also encourage you to educate yourself on where your food comes from and really consider if that is where you want your money to go to. We are all just doing the best we can, but I do believe it is our duty to do better when we know better!

If you want to start eating better for yourself, start questioning if the foods you are eating serve you. And not in a calories in, calories out way- but really are they nourishing you, making you feel alive and vibrant, do you feel pride in the way you take care of yourself? The way you eat can be an empowering way to reconnect to your body by truly giving it what it wants and needs- and loving it!

Remember, and I will say this until the day I die, we see value in the things we take care of, so take care of your beautiful self and enjoy your life!

Every dollar you spend is like casting a vote on the kind of world you want to live in. We hold the key to a healthier + more sustainable future.

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