my favorite at home workout.

Even though gyms are reopening, I am still choosing to primarily work out at home. I don’t have much equipment but I have been able to develop a full body workout that I love by getting creative with ankle weights.

I wanted to share the 20 minute routine I’ve been doing throughout quarantine to stay in shape and move my body to inspire people to make health easy + doable. In addition to this kind of flexible weight training, I also go on walks and runs when I feel like it. These past few months have been all about listening to my body and taking care of myself in a way that feels loving.

If you have been struggling to get back to the gym or to find the motivation to workout at home, try breaking the cycle by committing to completing this routine a couple times this week and adding more movement gradually. And honestly, if you don’t have ankle weights or you just don’t want to do one of the exercises I have written, make adjustments to cater this 20 minute circuit to what you will enjoy.

Exercise isn’t about losing weight, it’s about taking care of our bodies- physically and mentally. Pair this workout with a diet abundant in whole plant foods and you will start feeling and looking better than you did before isolation.

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