how to make your transition to veganism easy.

Whether you are looking to change your health, form new eating habits or finally make the transition to veganism- there is one simple way to make these changes permanent and easy. You must look for healthier, or in my case vegan, replacements for all of your favorite foods. If you are just looking to lose some weight or eat healthier, this may mean making simple swaps like replacing candy with fruit and nut mix.

But when you transition from the standard American diet to a plant based way of eating, finding great alternatives and replacements to all of your favorite animal foods is a must.

It seems daunting to cut out meat, dairy and eggs as they are a huge portion of many of our diets. But I am happy to report that I have found it extremely easy to find replacements and I am able to effortlessly replicate all of my favorite foods, childhood meals, and desserts.

That being said I wanted to provide you with the plant based options I use to substitute any animal based product I may have eaten in the past. I promise you, this change is way easier than you think. When you start looking for cruelty free food, you will find it in abundance. Even if you are not ready to completely move to a vegan diet, it is always great to start with something! You will be healthier for it and reduce the suffering of animals and the effects animal agriculture has on the planet. Use the easy substitution recommendations below to start making positive changes in your lifestyle without having to sacrifice a single thing!


This is probably the most obvious aspect of our diets we will need to adapt when switching to a vegan diet. Here are my favorite meat substitutes:

Beyond Beef Ground “Beef” Replacement

Morning Star Chicken Nuggets and Patties

Morning Star Sausages


Morning Star Burgers

Greek Veggie Burgers with Olive Garlic Sauce Recipe


Eggs are another hot topic for discussion because they are in a lot of different recipes, especially in baking. There are a variety of plant based alternatives to eggs that will get the same effect as adding the chicken egg to the bowl!

The 8 Best Egg Substitutes for Baking - Tested and Ranked | Kitchn


This is a biggy. If you are on the edge of veganism it is likely because you can’t imagine life without your beloved cheese. Well, the fact is you don’t just love cheese- you are addicted to it. Quick biology lesson: there is caso-morphine in every mammals milk. During breastfeeding, this protein creates a very positive “morphine” like response in the offspring’s brain that will draw a baby human, giraffe or cow back to their mother for her nutrient dense, pleasure giving milk. This effect has major evolutionary benefits for generating offspring that grow large enough to reproduce themselves and it is required to sustain life in infancy.

Knowing this, it is no mystery why we are so addicted to cows milk.

There is 10x the caso-morphine content in cows milk as there is in human milk!

Many of us are taking a drug everyday that nature never intended for us to consume. Cow’s milk is for a baby calf to get from their mother to grow into a massive cow. If you ever wondered why cheese tastes so good, it’s because the caso-morphine in the breast milk of all animals is stored in the fat of the milk, + cheese is condensed, processed milk fat– basically morphine sold in the dairy aisle.

If I could encourage you to pull the plug on anything it would be cheese and other dairy products. They are linked to cancers, obesity, diabetes, heart disease- you name the crime + dairy is guilty. It took me about 4-6 weeks to stop desiring cheese. Now I can see cheese and not think twice. I can also say that since cutting dairy from my diet I am so much more in control of myself around food. The things I used to crave- Cheetos, ice cream, grilled cheeses- they don’t even come to mind anymore. My brain has detoxed itself from the drug and I am free!


7 Best Dairy-Free Cheeses
Daiya Dairy-Free Shredded Cheddar Cheese - 7.1oz : Target

Cream Cheese

Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese Imitation Cream Cheese Plain  Non-Hydrogenated | Cream Cheese | Needler's Fresh Market


Original Buttery Spread | Earth Balance

Sour Cream

Kite Hill - Sour Cream Alternative


Blue Diamond Unsweetened Original Almond Milk 0.50 gallon Harris Teeter
This is just my favorite plant milk, but there are so many others to try!


Vanilla Almond Creamer | Silk®

Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Review (All 17 Flavors!)
This is the best flavor ever!!

I hope you can see that veganism is not depriving! It is abundant, healthful and ethical! I encourage you to start making some of these swaps today. Set yourself free from diseases and food addiction and get on living a more conscious lifestyle. If you need more convincing or want to educate yourself on the vegan lifestyle, please watch the resources below!

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Let's talk about “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret” – Audiovisual  research
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