interior design

Aside from weight loss + personal development, interior design is one of my greatest passions! I am in my last year of design school + wanted to share the work I have completed over the past couple of years. I am constantly working on new design concepts and developing new ideas + I will update my portfolio as I finish projects. I hope these projects can inspire you to imagine a future where excellent design is defined by its beauty, functionality + environmental consciousness.

In everything I do in my life, I always want to do the absolute best I can. Much like personal development + weight loss, the creative process is revising, revising, revising + sometimes just being okay with scraping the original plan. The end result is always what matters, but the process is where growth happens. I love looking back at past projects to see my growth + all the things I’ve learned through out the past three years. The design world is continuously evolving and getting better, and seeing that progression in the industry + in myself is the magic of interior design.

click here to take virtual space tour
click here to take the virtual space tour

It’s not about what you do, it’s why you do it.

Aine Belton